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ACES Committee completes Phase One

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are specific type of trauma that negatively impact child development, with lifelong negative consequences for health and well-being. But the right interventions can build a child's resilience, buffering against ACEs. The Santa Barbara County ACEs Connection Steering Committee is paving the way to a trauma-informed system of care, where public and private agencies work together to screen for ACEs and/or build childrens' resilience.

The Committee met on August 24th to put the finishing touches on their draft statement of purpose, principles and objectives, to be presented at the September meeting of the KIDS Network. This was the third and final meeting of Phase One, where the group set out to build a solid foundation of trust-based relationships and inclusivity. Phase one was devoted to contemplation, exploration and high-level design: digging into the complexity of ACEs and resilience and drafting core statements to anchor and guide the network as it continues to evolve. Phase two will likely bring new people into the steering committee. The work will shift toward organization and planning: identifying actionable strategies that will yield the greatest impact and give the most leverage toward achieving desired outcomes.

Key points and slides from the meeting are available on the Santa Barbara County ACES Connection blog (login required).

The Committee's process



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