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What is Resilient Santa Barbara County?

Resilient Santa Barbara County (RSBC) is a countywide network dedicated to preventing and reducing the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Santa Barbara County.  We educate, exchange ideas, share opportunities and work collectively to transform lives through practical and community-centered solutions.

Santa Barbara County KIDS Network is a cross-sector, umbrella organization that serves as the hub for Resilient Santa Barbara County.

The ACEs Steering Committee is a group of volunteers who are shaping the vision, purpose, principles, and objectives of Resilient Santa Barbara County. Members are committed to supporting the evolution of the RSBC Network. The Steering Committee represents different sectors and different regions within Santa Barbara County. KIDS Network provides support for leadership and meeting facilitation. This group leads the development of Santa Barbara’s multi-year, cross-sector plan for coordinating the ACEs and Resilience work across the county. Participants commit to monthly meetings for a minimum of three months. Work Groups and/or Task Forces are formed with additional stakeholders as necessary to complete timelimited projects.

Community Partners

Community Partners are organizations and individuals that demonstrate their commitment to being ACEs-informed, trauma-responsive and resiliency-focused by signing the Resilient Santa Barbara County Community Partnership Agreement / Community Partner Pledge and by contributing their knowledge and expertise to the countywide movement.

Benefits of becoming a Community Partner include:

  • You will be part of a visible and well-publicized effort to make our community more resilient.

  • You will share a level of commitment with other Community Partners that fosters trust and stimulates ideas for mutually supportive endeavors.

  • Resilient Santa Barbara County will link you to resources that will support you on your journey to becoming ACEs–aware, trauma-responsive, and resiliency-focused.

  • You will have opportunities to develop your own personal resilience toolkit and to contribute your energy and skills to foster successful high-level collaborations.

To learn more about becoming a Community Partner, click the button below to send us an email.

Online Community & Resources

ACEs Connection is an international, web-based social network where anyone can join the movement to prevent ACEs, heal trauma and build resilience. The network creates a safe place and a trusted source where members share information, explore resources and access tools that help them work together to create resilient families, systems and communities. 

Witihin the ACEs Connection social network are ACEs Communities. An ACEs Community is an active, influential place where people using trauma-informed practices or resilience-building practices can connect with one another. (A companion site,, provides news for the general public.)

Santa Barbara County ACEs Connection is Santa Barbara County's  local ACEs Community on the ACEs Connection website. Santa Barbara County ACEs Connection also serves as the official Resilient Santa Barbara County website. KIDS Network staff manage the site. Anyone can join and post updates, information and questions. This site also serves to link Community Partners and RSBC stakeholders with recommended resources and updates on work groups and local accomplishments. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about how this works.

Is RSBC a collaborative or coalition?  Are there meetings? What is the time commitment?

  • Resilient Santa Barbara County is a movement that holds space for the work of various collaboratives and coalitions, promoting interconnectivity for collective impact.

  • Resilient Santa Barbara County is neither a collaborative nor a coalition in itself, yet it can link partners to collaborations or coalitions that have a specific focus within the movement.   There are no required meetings. 

  • The Agreement is an invitation to join with other interested parties that are committed to taking action to create an organizational culture shift that is ACEs-aware, trauma-responsive and resiliency-focused; to work within your own organization and with other community partners to build environments and relationships that support resilience.

  • That said, we truly believe we are better together and that we can’t be successful in silos.  We encourage each community partner to foster connections with others - whatever that looks like.

What are my obligations to update the ACES Connection site?

How often do I have to post on ACEs Connection?  Is it a requirement to be a part of Resilient Santa Barbara County?

We ask that you make at least one posting on ACEs Connection to share the work of your organization and how it contributes to strengthening community resilience. Subsequent postings are at your discretion.  We encourage you post and share the work that you are doing so that all partners may better understand the work and activities taking place within our community so that we may leverage one another in this journey.

Can individuals join the movement, and if so how?

Is RSBC only for organizations, or can individuals join too?

  • Individuals can officially join the movement by becoming a member of the Santa Barbara Community Group on the ACEs Connection Website.  We hope to add a link to an individual pledge similar to the Community Agreement at some point in the near future.

  • We also encourage participation in one or more of our many community networks that are involved in the ACEs and Resilience work.  Please reach out to us if you need help finding a network that fits your interests.

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