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Mapping the System to Address Childhood Adversity

The collaborative effort to better address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in our community continues! The Santa Barbara ACEs Connection Steering Committee met for the second time on August 10, 2018, contemplating and exploring a countywide vision for growing a resilient community. The committee refined its guiding principles and spent the majority of the meeting time engaged in three systems mapping activities designed to tap into each person's unique viewpoint and perspective. These activities provided an opportunity to build trust, create a safe space, embrace trial and error and use imagination and creativity; to live into the principles that were introduced in the first session.

The committee will meet again on August 24th to refine the statements of purpose, principles and objectives that will be shared with the larger network on September 5.

To view key points and slides from the meeting, see the Santa Barbara County ACES Connection blog (login required).

Participants engaged in system mapping



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